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Nouns & Verbs


More Verbs Words covered: to love, to have fun, there is or there are, to accept, to answer, to appear; seem, to arrive, to ask, to avoid, to be, to be able; can, to be hungry, to be thirsty, to be useful, to believe; to think, to bring, to brush, to buy, to call, to carry ; to take along; to wear, to class; authorize; judge, to clean, to climb, to come, to command; order; send, to cost, to cut, to dance, to decide, to dial, to die, to drink, to eat, to eat dinner, to eat lunch, to enjoy, to exercise, to fall asleep, to finish; to end, to follow or continue, to get up, to get; to obtain, to give, to go for a walk, to go out; to leave, to go to, to go to bed; to lie down, to greet, to grow, to happen; to pass, to have a snack, to have dinner or supper, to hear, to help, to honor, to identify, to insist, to invite, to just have, to know, to be familiar with, to laugh, to learn, to leave behind, to like, to live, to lose, to make or to do, to need, to open, to organize, to paint, to participate, to plan; to think, to play, to play or touch (an instrument), to prepare, to prove, to put, to read, to receive, to remember, to repeat, to resist, to rest, to come back, to go back, to relax, to ride, to run, to see, to sell, to send, to share, to shave oneself, to sing, to skate, to ski, to sleep, to smile, to spend time, to start or begin, to study, to swim, to take, to take care, to tell or retell; to count, to tell; to say, to train, to travel, to travel; walk, to understand, to use; to wear, to wait for; to expect; to hope, to wake up, to walk, to watch, to watch; to look at, to work, to write.


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