→ How to assign a game to students?

Step 1: From the Home Page click the 'Assign a game to your students' button.

Step 2: Select the grade, subject, topic, lesson, followed by the game you would like to assign.

Step 3: Click the Assign Game button in the game page

Step 4: Some games have a set number of questions and for others, 'Enter the number of questions you would like to assign'.

Step 5: Select the Assign date and time (when this game should show up as assigned in your Students’ home page).

Step 6: Select the Due date and time (by when the students need to complete playing this game assignment).

Step 7: Click the Assign Game button under it.

Step 8: A pop-up window will notify saying 'This game is now assigned to your students'. Click the OK button and this game will show up in the home page under Pending Assignments.

If students log into their accounts after 4:30 pm on Oct 7th and before 9:00 am on Oct 10th, then the students will see this game under Pending Assignments on their home page.