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Topic Spotlight
(Grade Levels: K-8)
Subtraction is fundamental math topic introduced to children at a young age. Subtraction is usually introduced to students using objects. Games such as Balloon Pop Subtraction helps students visualize the process. Students then move on to one-digit subtraction. They can practice the basics with Skill Builders and master their skills playing Alien Subtraction.
Once they have learned the basics of subtraction, students can advance their skills further with word problems, number sentences, and balancing equations. They can practice these skills with whole numbers from two-digits all the way to five-digits, and then move on to fractions, decimals, currency and positive and negative numbers.
If you have any comments or requests about the topic in spotlight or would like us to spotlight a particular topic in the future, please let us know.
Content Updates
Critical Writing
(Grade Levels: 1-8)
We have added 72 worksheets to help teach the different types of writing and master descriptive, narrative, story, and report writing. These worksheets are designed to ease the process by starting out with drawing a picture and writing a couple of sentences about it, to writing a three paragraph essay.
Please let us know if the new content added has been useful and what features/content you would like us to add for the next time.
Funny Riddle :)
Every month, we add one funny riddle, just for fun! This month's riddle is:
  • Which key can open a ...? - Sent by: Lakeisha; Age 8
  • If you know a riddle and would like to share it, please submit it and if appropriate, we will publish it.
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