EZSpelling is a year round program designed around the concept of practice makes perfect. Every week a new list must be mastered by the students.

To help students master the words, we have designed online study tools, worksheets, and some hands-on activities for each day of the week. EZSpelling is designed not only to learn spelling but also to improve vocabulary.

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Study Tool (practice online)

Worksheets (print and practice)

Day 1: Flash Cards

Day 2: ABC Sort

Day 3: Pick It: Spelling

Day 4: Fill It: Missing Letter

Day 5: Jumble

Day 1: Trace each word

Day 2: Write words in alphabetical order

Day 3: Circle the correct spelling

Day 4: Fill in the missing letter

Day 5: Jumble

Activities (work in groups)

Day 1: Read a book according to grade level. Look for spelling words. Make a list of spelling words that were not used in the book. Idea: Improve Reading

Day 2: Create a word search with the spelling words and exchange with classmates and find the words. Idea: Visualize the pattern

Day 3: Sound out the words and write the spelling as it sounds. Check to see if the word was spelled correctly. Idea: Compare written vs. spoken words

Day 4: Group Activity - Read out a word. Each student writes a letter and spells out the word. The other group checks it. Idea: Team building while learning

Day 5: Make a cross word puzzle. Exchange and have fun solving it. Idea: Increase vocabulary

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    Misspelled Words
    Misspelled Words

    This week's words

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