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Why Building Your Vocabulary Can Lead You To Success
Word choice matters. It matters a lot. By building your vocabulary, you increase your chances of getting ahead professionally and achieving personal success.

Catapult Your Career

It sounds like a cliche, but hear me out. A vocabulary that's variegated and extensive gives you more tools and concepts to work with. Clients, potential partners, friends, employers - everyone judges you by your word choice. And sometimes they evaluate you more by what you don't say rather than what you actually verbalize.
A rich and deep vocabulary lets you eloquently and effortlessly voice your thoughts. It will give you a confidence boost that will result in you being perceived as a knowledgeable, competent professional.

Improve Your Thinking, Sharpen Your Productivity

When you improve your vocabulary, by extension you improve your thinking. A person with limited vocabulary comes across as unprofessional or even as lacking qualifications and necessary competences, even if their actual expertise has nothing to do with how they talk.
As your vocabulary grows, you get to have more ideas to play with, and this will result in more creative output on a day to day basis, as well as an ability to sharpen and focus your thought processes.

Improve Your Communication Skills

There's always one person in the crowd who speaks with crispiness and precision. They achieve this by choosing the right words for the appropriate context. This is not the same as knowing fancy synonyms of a word to dish out to impress others, it's about having a strong and vast communication toolbox that allows you to pick the right vocabulary for the right occasion.
As a result of this vocabulary skill, communication with anyone from clients to children - and everyone else in between - becomes effortless. A rich vocabulary doesn't make you sound obnoxious or snobbish, as many people tend to think. The richer your vocabulary the more precise and effective your speech and writing are. In an era where communication is key, your vocabulary gives you a head start.

Become a Better Person

A rich vocabulary encourages you to become more knowledgeable. Having a rich vocabulary makes it easier to read more obscure material and publications, because you'll be able to comprehend and absorb the information without having to stop and look up and puzzle out word meanings.
By building your vocabulary you enter a never-ending process of knowledge acquisition, permitting yourself to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. As a result, whatever professional or personal goals you set, it will be easier for you to achieve those goals with a good vocabulary, because knowledge in any area will come easier for you.
About the Author: Chassie Lee is the Content Expert for eReflect - creator of Ultimate Vocabulary which is currently being used by tens of thousands of happy customers in over 110 countries.