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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is EZSchool?
    EZSchool is an educational website designed to provide the best online educational experience possible. EZSchool's goal is to provide every child with a quality education regardless of any other factors.
  • How long has EZSchool been around?
    EZSchool has been serving the online community with free, high-quality material since 1998.
  • I have a great idea for EZSchool, how can I tell someone?
    We would love to hear your ideas! Click here to contact us or leave us a voicemail at 1-50-SCHOOL-ME or 1 (507) 246-6563.
  • EZSchool labels resources by Grade Levels. What age group belongs to each level?
    Grade Level
    Approximate Age

    Ages: 3-5

    Ages: 4-6
    1st GradeAges: 5-7
    2nd GradeAges: 6-8
    3rd GradeAges: 7-9
    4th GradeAges: 8-10
    5th GradeAges: 9-11
    6th GradeAges: 10-12
    7th GradeAges: 11-13
    8th GradeAges: 12-14
    9th GradeAges: 13-15
    10th GradeAges: 14-16
    11th GradeAges: 15-17
    12th GradeAges: 16-18
  • Does Level 1, Level 2,... always mean Grade 1, Grade 2,...
    No. Sometimes it is used just to show the different levels. For example, we have Synonyms Level I and Synonyms Level II in Games. Also, in languages like Spanish and Japanese, one must master Level I before going to Level II.
  • I get an invalid link or an error 404, what is wrong?
    Please check the URL and make sure it is valid.
  • Is EZSchool available in other languages? Is there material for other languages?
    Currently, EZSchool is only offered in English. There simply is not enough time or resources to convert EZSchool into another language. EZSchool does provide materials to learn Spanish, Japanese, and Hindi.
  • I love EZSchool! What can I do to help?
    Thanks! We would love it if you told all your family and friends about EZSchool.
  • Worksheets
  • Can I print worksheets? How do I print them?
    Yes! You can print any worksheet on EZSchool. Simply click the "Print" button on top of the worksheet. If you have a problem with printing, please contact your computer administrator.
  • Can I copy worksheets?
    No, you may not make digital copies EZSchool's worksheets for any reason. You may however print them out for individual or classroom use, and make as many print copies as you wish.
  • Can I edit worksheets?
    No, you may not edit EZSchool's worksheets for any reason. Editing worksheets includes but is not limited to: Removing the EZSchool logo and copyright information, adding additional logos, trademarks, or other material, etc.
  • Can I download worksheets?
    You may download worksheets and print them for offline use.
  • I cannot find the correct answer sheet, what should I do?
    Some worksheets are dynamically generated, which means new worksheets are created every time you visit the website or click "create new sheet". You must print out the answer sheet immediately after creating the worksheet because you cannot print it out at a later time.
  • Games
  • The keyboard is not working in the game, help!
    Make sure you click inside the game first. If you click outside the game, the keyboard will no longer be detected and you must click the game again.
  • I don't understand how to play this game! What should I do?
    If there are instructions for the game, please read them first. If the instructions do not make sense or if there are not enough instructions, please contact us with the name of the game and explain what you do not understand.
  • Can't find the answer for your question? Send us your question.