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About EZSchool

EZSchool's mission is to make learning easy and fun for kids. We focus on helping students, teachers, and parents by designing and developing supplemental materials that reinforce what is taught at school.
Why use EZSchool?
  • All materials are aligned to common core
  • Use EZSchool on any device from anywhere around the world
  • Place childrens' needs and development on top of the priority list
  • More than 50,000 teachers and 75,000 families are using EZSchool
  • Integrate technology into curriculum with a variety of resources
  • Testimonials
    I believe your website is one of the best in the world for educational resources for students, parents and teachers. Keep up the good work.
    Resh & Lulu
    I appreciate that the site is FREE, and that the worksheets comes with answers. This is what I was desperately looking for. Thank You!
    I just stumbled across your website because my daughter is having trouble in first grade. This is a great website it gets her interested in learning and there are things for me to print and do with her. Thank you so much for ezschool.
    Heather L.
    I love the various worksheets you all offer, Not only do I use them at work with our students but I also use them at home with my nephew and son. Awesome work.
    Crystal C.
    I think you have a fabulous educational site. I would like to use it in my third grade class and send your site address home with parents.
    Laura A.
    Contact:, 42901, Luzon Dr., Fremont, CA - 94539.
    Phone: (507) 246-6563 i.e., 50-School-Me