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Make space to study
When it comes to studying or doing homework, most kids would rather either wait until the last minute and try to rush through or avoid it entirely. There's an easier way to get them to get their studying done though, but trying to set aside somewhere special for their school work. For some, all it might take is a special place at the table but for others it might take a particularly special environment to help them focus. With school preparing them for their lives ahead, it's very important to make sure kids have somewhere special they can retreat to to focus.
Just having a space to study still sometimes isn't enough, if so then try to make sure you have special time set aside for them as well. Having a scheduled "homework time" will give them a time frame in which to get their work done and help them to stay organized. Not every cookie cutter plan or ideal will work though, just make sure that you adjust the space, times or plans as needed for you and your child to best suit their needs.