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5 Quick Ways to Increase Your Child's Vocabulary
A child is likely to have an extensive vocabulary if the child's parents adopt the right strategies from an early age. Recent studies reveal that parents that have expended an effort in developing their child's vocabulary during the early years see that children at this age are highly efficient learners, practically "word-absorbing machines" that only need the parent's encouragement to continue rapid development in communication skills.
Here's a list of 5 ways that can allow you to increase your child's vocabulary and also enrich your own vocabulary in the meantime.

Talking to Your Child

Children are likely to quickly absorb and learn to use the words that they hear, and therefore will incorporate them in their vocabulary. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children frequently so that they are able to learn a range of words.


Reading can significantly enhance your child's vocabulary as your child is likely to come across new words that are not currently in his or her vocabulary. Parents can make it a daily routine to read out loud to their children at bedtime or during story hour. This routine will enhance your child's vocabulary and yours too! Children can also use EZReader and listen or read by themselves.

Show and Tell

Show and tell is a creative method of allowing your children to express themselves. You can either select items from your home or collect them on outdoor trips. A child can then be encouraged to speak their thoughts about each item. This activity will encourage them to use words that they have stored within their vocabulary as well as look for and learn to use new words that describe new and unusual items.

Use an Extensive Vocabulary

A recent study also indicates that children within a professional home are likely to have a higher vocabulary in contrast to students that belong to lower and middle class families where education levels may not be as high. This means that the parent's usage of words has a significant impact on a child's vocabulary. Rather than limiting your vocabulary to a few words you must use a range of words even if they are currently not understandable by your child; avoiding baby talk will encourage rapid vocabulary development.


Crossword puzzles and games such as Scrabble can enhance vocabulary skills of parents and children alike. Playing games with your children will not only allow you to bond with them but also make the learning process fun and engaging. Parents can also pick and choose games from EZGames and allow children to play and increase their vocabulary.