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Boost Your Memory and Your Child's
Although dementia (or the more commonly known problem of memory loss) is not something that people associate with children, it's always better to start prevention from an early age. A recent study published by the Centre for Healthy Brain Aging (CHeBA) at the University of New South Wales states that individuals really should be conscious of their mental and physical health from an early age, even as early as their 20s.
Parents can help by not only adopting a healthy lifestyle from the beginning, but also encouraging their children to adopt similar activities and exercises that boost their memory. Children are likely to learn more from their parent's example and therefore it is of utmost importance that an exercise routine is established by the parents that also involves their children.
Experts usually recommend aerobics and strength exercises on a regular basis. Parents can choose from a range of strength exercises including cycling, swimming, running and walking based on their child's interest. These activities should be performed on a regular basis for the most benefit. Such an exercise routine will not only allow you to spend quality time with your children but will also have a positive impact on the mental health of your children, and of yourself as well.
Furthermore, memory is significantly related to physical health, and this means parents and children need to also adopt a healthy eating lifestyle. Parents can encourage their children to eat nutrient rich food and avoid food items that increase weight. However, this does not mean that a stringent diet routine must be established. Proper nutritional guidelines can be established that allow your family to enjoy a variety of foods while also ensuring that sufficient nutrients are consumed.
Brain-boosting activities and games, including Scrabble and other word-based board games, are also highly effective in boosting memory. You and your children can establish a regular weekend routine in which you choose a night to devote to family time and games. Many of these games are also available online and children can also engage in healthy competition with their peers even when their parents are not around.
Dementia is a serious condition. A few precautionary measures taken today can significantly lower the probability of you or your child being inflicted with this disease later in life.