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Words Parents Can Use To Encourage Children To Study
Imagine being a six-year-old child, faced with a seemingly overwhelming amount of knowledge ahead that must be learned during the next ten or twelve school years. It's intimidating, to say the least. The pressure from schoolwork, tests, and scheduling often makes learning a challenging task, especially for younger children.
Your role as a parent is to inspire and motivate your child to study and eventually succeed. If you know how to use the right words, you can increase vocabulary skills in both you and your child, while providing them with words of encouragement and inspiration. By using words to make your child believe in their strengths and abilities, you'll give them the boost they need to confidently take on their study tasks.
Word: Together
Example: Let's see what's troubling you together, perhaps we can find an answer.
Result: A valuable reminder that your child has your support and tangible contribution in their studying endeavors.
Word: Play
Example: Finish your homework and we can play your favorite game afterwards!
Result: Associating fun and learning is a foolproof way to encourage children to study more diligently.
Word: Fun
Example: It will be so much fun once you get it! Let's try one more time!
Result: Reminding the child of the end result motivates them to keep trying until they get it right.
Word: Easy
Example: You will see how easy this was once you get it right. Please try again, here's a hint...
Result: Another form of encouragement that works by reassuring the child of the task's feasibility.
As a parent you ought to motivate your children to study, and to give them valid reasons why they should learn. But you should also acknowledge their hard work. There are some phrases and words you can use to acknowledge effort and motivate even more.
Word: worked hard
Example: I can tell you've worked hard on this and I'm very proud of you!
Result: Their efforts to learn need to be recognized even if the child didn't quite get it right. Giving them credit for trying is crucial.
Word: pay off
Example: Soon your hard work will pay off, all of your efforts will eventually add up to a great career and a brilliant mind!
Result: By recognizing how beneficial studying will be throughout their life, this provides a reminder and urges children to keep trying.
Word: well done / proud
Example: You're getting so smart, look at you! I'm very proud of you. Well done!
Result: By expressing your pride in their efforts you reassure them their work is duly recognized.