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21st Century Skills Children Need To Learn In School
Technology is a central focus of our 21st century society, and it's important to recognize that fact and make the most of its potential. Thanks to both state-funded and non-governmental initiatives, many schools are taking steps to incorporate the 21stcentury skills children need into the classroom. Here are some of those important skills every child needs to succeed:

Critical Thinking

Amidst the torrential and ever-growing amount of information created and circulated daily, it's crucial that children become sharp critical thinkers. Critical thinking means developing an ability to efficiently analyze and manipulate information, and arrive at conclusions themselves, rather than relying on ready-made answers.
Critical thinking allows children to become discerning thinkers who filter information efficiently. Critical thinking means not absorbing information naively but processing it, engaging in dialogue with it.

Creativity and Out-of-the-box Thinking

It might not be an academic skill per se, but creative thinking fosters new possibilities of being and doing that 21st century individuals need. Creativity rests on the flexibility of ideas and concepts and how a person with creative skills can improve upon existing facts or create new ones to think and live with.
Having these skills will give children the reassurance that they have their own abilities to actively create, and that they don't need to wait passively for someone else to create things for them.

Keyboarding Training and Technology-based skills

Being efficient in touch typing ensures a child can have access to the huge amounts of educational material that is only available through computers and other technology devices.

Teamwork - Forming Fruitful Collaborations

While learning history and science is important core knowledge children need to master, learning teamwork is equally essential. Being able to work with other people effectively is a skill that cultivates a series of other innovation and learning skills, including flexibility, critical thinking, decision-making, and leadership skills.
21st century skills focus on abilities that help children adjust to new learning situations and environments, no matter what classes they take or fields they study. The modern student needs to keep an open mind and a flexible outlook, and to get a good knowledge of the tools that will help them to succeed in anything they choose to do.