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Are Mobile Devices Helpful For Children's Learning?
Technological innovations such as smartphones and tablets are often blamed for poor vocabulary performance, especially since teenagers generally use "text to speak" to communicate. However, the predictions on how mobile devices can promote children's learning seem to indicate otherwise - and are even rather surprising, stating that these devices actually have a positive impact.

Improving memory

The use of tablets and smartphones helps children improve memory performance and other cognition-related skills. Specific memory-improving apps in particular help children to further develop their cognitive skills through games and other fun activities.

Improving vocabulary and spelling

Flash cards and other traditionally paper-based activities can be replaced today with advanced literacy activities provided by high-quality applications and software. Using technological props such as apps and other web-based programs is a proven way of helping children engage with knowledge while still having fun.

Improving literacy

Mobile devices are more appealing than a book or activity sheet for many children. The design, modernity, and "coolness" of mobile devices attract children to use these devices for reading and writing. Used systematically-developed educational applications can be of immeasurable value in promoting the reading and writing skills of young children - and they won't even realize that they're studying at the same time!

Math and Sciences

Apps designed for children are increasingly becoming more specialized, interactive, and fun. Consequently, children take great pleasure in using these applications to learn, since it feels like playing games. Whether they're focused on multiplication tables or the planetary system, apps and computer software have improved to such an extent that their incorporation in study plans for children is not only efficient but often even necessary. Some schools rely on computer-based interactions to assign group projects or further study.
Children will eagerly immerse themselves in the digital, technological world, and if parents and teachers fail to take advantage of this opportunity for learning purposes, they're letting a great educational potential go to waste.
Educating children through mobile devices is an opportunity to provide study materials that are interactive, age-appropriate, and very engaging. New technological models of teaching and learning allow children to obtain knowledge in an inspiring and supportive environment, adding entertainment to the study plan without sacrificing quality.