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Massive and Free Digital Libraries Are Must-Visit Sites
The internet is a kaleidoscope of knowledge and cutting-edge communication technologies, and one of its most outstanding contributions is the one to education. The web is brimming with quality digital libraries with countless classic and new publications available at no cost.
Parents and children who wish to enrich their world with literature and new knowledge could benefit from browsing through these digital libraries.

The Free Library

With over 21 million articles and books this is one of the most impressively huge digital libraries on the web. No matter what a person is looking for they can locate it here. With articles on any topic imaginable, from labor relations to gender studies, everyone finds what they want to learn about in this library.

JSTOR Register and Read Program

A beta program by the online digital library JSTOR has been running for over a year now. According to the Register and Read initiative the user can register for free and gain access to over 1,200 journals. This is a must-visit site for those wishing to keep up with the latest developments in a wide range of disciplines.

By Gosh

This is a children's library featuring kids' classic stories and fairy tales. Apart from children's books, this free digital library also features the best fiction and nonfiction books of the 20th century, and all without any fees.

International Children's Digital Library

Another digital library dedicated to children, this site offers a massive amount of books for children in many categories. With respect for different cultures and customs, this digital library highlights and gives access to fairy tales, fables and other stories from all around the world, so that children can become more aware of the diversity that informs our cultures.

This digital library aims to become the world's archive of everything. From music and video to books and other texts, boasts of an ever-growing collection of just about anything, from American Literature to Children's literature.

Digital Library by the University of Pennsylvania

This library features over 1 million ebooks available for free to anyone. Visitors can use the RSS feed listing to be notified about new listings added to this ever-growing library.

Open J

For those in constant search of new knowledge and the latest advancements, Open J offers access to millions of journal articles online. The access is free and unlimited to everyone wishing to be aware of the latest scholarly developments in a range of fields and disciplines.