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Memory Improvement Herbs That Are Safe
Our growing reliance on mobile devices and electronic notepads to note things we need to remember weakens our memory and makes it harder for us to concentrate on tasks where memory is involved. Unfortunately, this affects children too, especially since they are born into and grow up surrounded by these electronic devices, and who are becoming more and more engaged with technology every year.
A new study from researchers Jemma McCready and Dr. Mark Moss at Northumbria University looks at non-technological means for improving memory in adults, and their research may help children learn to use their own memory skills as well, rather than relying on electronic tools.

The Study

66 study participants were divided into two different rooms, one of which was scented with rosemary essential oil. The study showed that those in the rosemary-scented room had better memory function than those in the unscented room, when both groups were subsequently tested with memory tasks.
As the researchers suggest, those in the rosemary-scented room were capable of remembering events and other information much more easily. This leads to an implication that suggests everyday activities can become less stressful, given the improved memory performance rosemary brings about, if essential oils are used to boost memory.
Dr. Mark Moss, one of the lead researchers of this study, said, "We focused on prospective memory, which involves the ability to remember events that will occur in the future and to remember to complete tasks at particular times this is critical for everyday functioning." This research reminds us how central prospective memory is in our day-to-day life.

Sage and Basil

Apart from rosemary, other herbs such as sage and basil seem to be potent mental stimulants that also contribute to better memory performance.
These herbs help improve concentration and help us perform more efficiently on mentally challenging tasks. Thanks to the strong odors of both sage and basil, the mind is forced to become more alert to the present and the here-and-now, making it easier for the person smelling the essential oils made from these herbs to remember things and concentrate better.
Using these three essential oils as memory improvement aids might help your children focus better at school and have a better academic performance. A drop of any of these essential oil herbs massaged on to the forehead temples or carried around in a handkerchief is enough to increase mindfulness and alertness and contribute in better memory performance.
Be sure that before using any of these herbs, you ensure that your kids have no allergy to either the herbs or the essential oils made from them, by consulting your physician or family doctor.