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2013 Trends For Improving Study Habits
If it's done right, time spent studying can substantially improve academic performance and enhance learning ability. There are certain well-known practices as well as new trends in education that can help you organize your study time and techniques, making studying results-driven and efficient.

What's your learning style?

Each person has a learning style that suits them best. Some are visual types; they learn when studying material is represented in visual form, notes, presentations, images and charts. Others have the auditory style, learning by listening, and some people work best as kinesthetic learners, who learn through action, application and practice.
Knowing your learning style not only saves studying time but it also makes studying focused and efficient. If you're an auditory learner, for examples, listen to a speaker on the topic you're studying, rather than trying to get all of your information by reading books.

Technology is our friend

Using apps and other programs can substantially enhance the studying experience. From mind-mapping applications and web-based note taking, learning can be digitalized and streamlined.
Efficient note-taking in particular is a very crucial skill. It allows you to quickly create legible notes and make significant associations between old and new facts, and how each piece of information fits into the wider frame of knowledge.

Mastering the art of speed reading

It's a personal matter

Many students wrongly assume that if they simply memorize information, or learn by heart the things a teacher instructed them to, then this is a fail-safe way to acquire knowledge. This is a misconception; as such knowledge is more likely to be forgotten quickly.
When knowledge is processed and made personal, this helps you to remember and apply it successfully. A foolproof 2013 studying trend is the personalization of knowledge: making the new information you're learning fit into your own existing knowledge base, adding new knowledge to important information you already possess, and being able to express and experience that knowledge at a very personal level. In other words, relate what you're learning to yourself, your goals, and your experience, and you'll make sure it stays with you.