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Computer Shortcuts for First-Time Keyboard Learners
A recently published statistic by The Atlantic reveals that a staggering 90% of computer users are unaware of the shortcuts and its purpose. This highlights that despite the technological advancements that have surrounded nearly every aspect of their daily lives, people pay little attention to the need to learn a few key tips and techniques, even though this can allow a massive increase in productivity. Here is a list of a few computer shortcuts that computer beginners must know.

Find the Relevant Word:

CTRL+F will allow you to find any keyword within the document or the web browser. A pop-box will appear once the command is entered and you can type the search word into the box.

Select All Text:

You can select the entire text of the document by pressing CTRL+A. This is particularly helpful during copying and pasting material.

Open a New Document:

You can open a new document within any program by simply pressing CTRL+N.

Copy and Paste:

In order to copy and paste a block of text or an image in a new file, or in a different position in the current document, you must initially select what you want by highlighting it. The copy command is CTRL+C; this will copy the text or image. Move to the new location in the document, or switch to the new file, and paste the text or image by pressing CTRL+V.

Undo Your Mistakes:

You can undo written text or key commands by pressing CTRL+Z. This will undo the last action performed and allow you to rectify your mistake. Similarly, if you have mistakenly closed a tab within Chrome or Firefox you can press CTRL+SHIFT+T to reopen the tab.

Save Your Work:

You can, and should, save your work at regular intervals by pressing CTRL+S. This will allow you to keep a current copy of the working document on the system. This is crucial in case of a problem like a system crash or power outage.

Minimize the Windows:

Pressing Windows+D will allow you to minimize all the windows that are open. You can easily reach the desktop this way, and it saves considerable time that would otherwise have been involved in closing each window separately.

Close a Window:

You can close a window by pressing CTRL+F4. This will cause the currently opened window to close down.