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Top Word Games to Become Better Spellers
Online spelling games help children learn while they play. They get to learn spelling rules and patterns in a fun and engaging environment. As a result, children are more interested in the process. When you say, "Let's play a spelling game!" it will be more appealing to children than saying "Let's sit down and learn the 'i before e except after c' rule." Here are our recommended spelling resources children can play online to improve spelling.


Our premier spelling program gives you a new set of grade appropriate words every week to learn and improve your spelling. A different online activity every day of the week ensures that the words are understood and comprehended in a fun way!

Book Worm

Practice the spelling rule "i before e except after c" by growing the book worm Wormy. To feed Wormy, make her touch the correctly spelled words. Use space bar to skip misspelled words, otherwise Wormy will get sick. Don't let Wormy touch the sides of the screen! You have only 3 minutes, so think fast! How fast can you grow the worm?

Guess It Right

Increase vocabulary while learning to spell correctly. Read the clue and guess the word. You only have five chances to get it right. Beat all 3 levels

Bug Catcher

Learn the correct spelling of plural nouns by feeding Mr. Lizard. He eats nouns that are in their correct plural form by sticking out his sticky tongue. Make Mr. Lizard move with right and left arrow keys. Press space bar to put out its tongue. Catch the bugs before they run away!

Guess What?

Spell correctly while increasing vocabulary. Read the clue. Try to guess the word in your head and spell it out. Click on the letters that you think are in the word. Try not to click on wrong letters to get the highest score!


Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spelling and meaning. Look at the picture and the two words. Click the word that matches the picture. Be careful, the words might sound the same but they have different spellings and meanings! Make sure you pick the right one!


An addictive word puzzle game that children can play with to improve their spelling indirectly. Each day, the game developers introduce a new word puzzle to Babble-addicts!

Confusing Words

Not a game per se, but this online list of confusing words can be a great basis for your own mini-quiz sessions, making a game for kids to review and practice these most often misspelled words. "Lay" and "lie," "accept" and "except," "affect" and "effect" are featured high in the site. A great online resource for the most often confused words that are either homonyms or other misspelled words.

Merriam-Webster's "Spell It" game

The prestigious dictionary recently introduced its "Spell It" game. It's a spelling quiz game in which the player listens to a word and then spells it in the space provided. Addictive and utterly enjoyable for children and adults alike!

Scrabble Sprint

Scrabble Sprint assumes a different take on the classic word game. Scrabble Sprint is a fast-paced, adrenaline-boosting word game especially loved by students who are easily bored with mediocre word games.

Word Whomp!

Another decidedly fun spelling game is Word Whomp! This game excites young learners by introducing them to the creativity and magic of language consists. The player is given random letters and is expected to come up with as many English language words as possible!

Speedy Speller

Speedy Speller is a fun-packed spelling game, where players compete against each other or the game clock to spell a given word correctly, faster than anyone else. An adrenaline-boosting game that's bound to keep children thrilled for hours!