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Book clubs are generally considered to be an ideal way to engage in the world of literature. A book club allows the members to discuss books, provide opinions, and suggest similar books to fellow readers. You can benefit from joining an online book club as they will not only be able to express an opinion regarding the book that they have recently read, but also easily remain up to date with recent book releases. Here is a list of five online book clubs that you can join.

Scholastic Book Club

This online book club is ideal for children as it offers a vast variety of reading materials. Parents can help select books on the basis of their child's age and interest. Furthermore, the website offers exciting games and activities that will accelerate the learning process. Lastly, the free giveaways and prizes offered by the site can motivate children to read and learn.

Spaghetti Book Club

The Spaghetti Book Club is a good resource for children who already love reading books. The site was originally designed with the intent of providing a forum for children to communicate their thoughts and opinions about the recent books that they have read. The site offers an extensive range of books reviews and illustrations that encourage children to take part in the club activities.

Barnes and Noble Kids' Club

This book club is extremely popular with kids and offers a range of book reviews and open forums for discussions regarding upcoming and recently released books. The book club also offers promotional savings and free giveaways for children that encourages them to stay connected with the book club.

Red House

The Red House book club does not only offer savings on book purchases but also provides an online community that invites kids to interact with fellow readers. The book club also offers a unique feature: children are encouraged to ask the author of the book a question and win an autographed book in return.

The Mumsnet children's book

This book club is designed by parents specifically for other parents of young children. The club offers an extensive range of book suggestions, book reviews, author information and other exciting activities based on the age of the children targeted in each category.