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Are You Ready For A Million Dollar Vocabulary?
If words are a big part of your life, then you will want to use the good ones.
Every single type of communication is based on using words. The books you read, the newspapers you buy daily, the letters or emails you send, the weekly shopping lists you prepare - the list goes on and on.
Then of course, there are the verbal communications. For example, the calls you make, the lectures you give, the office meetings you run, the interviews you give or take, the directions you give, the parties you attend, the answers you give in class ... that list goes on and on as well.
You choose your level of communication, and what words you want to use, so why not make them million dollar ones?
Professional speakers always pay close attention to everything about their presentation, because otherwise no one really would be there to listen. Their words must be strong, to the point, and convincing. Speakers have only so much time to make their point, and they must do so convincingly. They have to have a million dollar vocabulary to succeed.
Perhaps you are not a professional speaker, but you do need to make yourself heard and understood. Whether it is for your career, or for your education, or for any other aspect of your life, the words you choose should be the best you have. That's how you will make your audience notice you.
Make the choice to improve your vocabulary, and watch the changes in your life. There is no doubt that an impressive and richer vocabulary will give you more self-confidence. When your levels of self-confidence improve, you attract success. People will be more attentive, and more interested in you and what you have to say.