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The Ultimate Power Words List
Have you ever wondered how many words you know?
Although it would be very hard to estimate, you probably know a great many. But knowing how many words are in your vocabulary is not as important as being able to use them properly, understand their meaning, and pronounce them correctly. What is important is having immediate access to your own power words.
When you are able to do all of these things, you have what is known as a power vocabulary. Your appearance and manner is what people will notice about you first, but the next most important factor reflecting how you come across will be demonstrated in your speaking ability. Perhaps you have a tasteful wardrobe, polished shoes, and your hair is neat and well cut. Then you meet someone in the street, or appear at a business affair and you begin to speak. Your stylish outward appearance will not be impressive if you misuse words and phrases, get stuck on pronunciation, or struggle to think of the right word.
Without quality communication skills, it will never matter how many words you know, or what you look like, because you will not have the verbal advantage you need to appear intelligent and self-confident.
Having that verbal advantage will give you that extra something necessary for success, that extra something that will place you head and shoulders ahead of the rest who lack a vocabulary filled with power words.
A powerful vocabulary is something that has to be learned. It requires a bit of time and patience, and doing your homework. People who are seeking success in their careers, educational performance, and in life in general are aware that verbal skills are necessary to get there. Successful people are willing to do what it takes, because they want to be respected, heard, and noticed.
There is cutting-edge vocabulary software available to those willing to do what it takes. Some software are ideal for writers, students, public speakers, CEO's, non-native English speakers, and anyone wanting to appear articulate, educated, and powerful: in short, anyone who wants to prosper.
Other vocabulary software creates power lists of power words, and allows you to pick the words in your list. Once you have learned the definition, pronunciation, usage, and true meaning of the word, it will forever be part of your power vocabulary, and you can move on to create a new list. You can share the list with friends and family; share the list, and share the wealth. Some other features also allow your family members to take advantage of the vocabulary software through its multi-user capability and make them build their own lists.