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Advantages Of A Good Vocabulary For Exams
Vocabulary has been linked to success in various areas of life. One area where a strong knowledge of vocabulary is essential is academic life. Many of the tasks you go through as a student rely heavily on your use of words. Whether in a report, an essay, or a simple class discussion, your ability to convey your thoughts and ideas through a million dollar vocabulary is indispensable in your academic life. Even after graduation, vocabulary remains one of the key areas in different exams.

Vocabulary for students

Vocabulary in graduate exams

The effect a strong vocabulary has on your test performance does not stop when you graduate from university. Post-graduate study entry tests also rely heavily on the use of words. The GMAT test, for example, required for MBA admission, contains a verbal section where reading comprehension and critical reasoning are assessed, all of which require a strong vocabulary background. More importantly, it contains an analytical writing task where you analyze an argument or an issue. Imagine how frustrating it would be to have the required issue clear in your head and not be able to communicate this vision on the test papers.
Other tests like the TOEFL and ILETS (used to measure English proficiency) also assess vocabulary, not in one section but throughout the whole exam. This means your assessment is made through the vocabulary you choose to use in every section of the test. To build your vocabulary, it's a good idea to use guaranteed methods such as reading and vocabulary enhancement software.