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Why Now is the Right Time to Increase Vocabulary

Expanding vocabulary means fewer limitations

When was the last time that you had to talk to someone important - your boss, your wife, a potential client, maybe even a potential employer? Did you ever find yourself lost for words or "freezing" when it's your turn to talk?
You might not have realized it at the time, but if you only took the time to increase vocabulary, you wouldn't get so tongue-tied. Improving your vocabulary is important because it adds to your arsenal of things to say. Expanding vocabulary isn't all about knowing strange-sounding words no one's ever heard of. It's about learning useful and descriptive words and incorporating them into your thoughts. You could express yourself better if you didn't have the limitation of not knowing how to do so.

A better vocabulary provides more chances for success

Have you ever met someone who looked nice and sharp, well-dressed and seemingly sophisticated - until they started talking? It's a shame when someone opens their mouth and destroys their own image because they don't speak as well as they look. You can both walk the walk and talk the talk if you're well-armed with the right things to say. And by "the right things to say," I mean knowing how to get your ideas across more easily to everyone you encounter.
This especially applies in the professional world. People in upper management simply like people who can speak clearly and express themselves in far more constructive ways than the average employee. A better vocabulary means a better impression on people. And there's no better time to impress than in this day and age full of competition.

A better vocabulary creates a better mind

An expanded repertoire of vocabulary and the knowledge of its usage can open your mind in ways that you might not have imagined possible. Just the simple discovery of knowing what a word means and how you can use it makes your thoughts easier to navigate through. It's intellectual freedom. It's enhanced creativity. It's gaining more knowledge from simply knowing what something means and how it's used.