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Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary

Read a lot

Think of reading in terms of rainwater harvesting. The bigger your rainwater catchment area, the larger the amounts of water retained. In other words, don't be picky when it comes to reading, because virtually everything will have something worthwhile to offer you.
If you goal is mastering a specific type of vocabulary, obviously you need to find and focus on resources of that type. In general, however, the most efficient vocabulary improvement comes from wide-ranging reading habits, where you read everything from newspapers to blogs and journals.

Act as if you're already there

Put some effort and lot of forethought into your speaking and writing, even if you're still at the beginning of your vocabulary improvement endeavor. If you can successfully adopt a winning attitude - in this case, believing that you already possess a strong, enviable vocabulary - then you'll be able to speak confidently and even more eloquently than before.
Changing your attitude about what your strengths are immediately boosts your confidence, allowing you to relax and easily incorporate the strong vocabulary you possess, yet rarely use, into your conversations. Quite often, people are already able to speak well, and the only thing missing is activating that latent vocabulary.
You can easily do this by writing a persona journal, or even a blog? if your thoughts are worth sharing? and set your inner artist free. You can be as smart or as ridiculous as you please. After all you make the rules! The important thing is that you learn to be comfortable with your new vocabulary.

Role play

To elaborate on the above suggestion, you can extend your writing persona into a constructive and always fun role play. Alone or with company, what will you be today? A doctor, a philosopher, an anchorwoman? It's your choice. Speak and write in character and you'll be required to use vocabulary specific to that persona.
Role playing engages all of your senses and is quite intellectually demanding. This can only be beneficial, as it will enable you to retrieve and simulate a vocabulary you wouldn't otherwise have the chance to use. Learning through fun is the definition of role playing.

Vocabulary software

If the above methods do not interest you, you can always look for more conventional methods. Having access to good vocabulary builder software will allow you to engage in numerous fun vocabulary activities in a more structured environment. There are vocabulary building software programs which offer a comprehensive list of features that (if used regularly) can be very productive.