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Simple Word Games to Improve Your Vocabulary


This is a very popular word game you can play online and offline. Its rules are simple: you're given letters that are mixed up and you need to come up with the word they spell. It's challenging - and very rewarding when you find the word! Having an opponent makes it more interesting, as the competitiveness increases.

Multiple Anagrams

A slight variation of the anagram word games, this one encourages you to form and write down as many words as you can think of with the letters given. The longer the words you find, the more points you get. An exciting and adrenaline boosting game ? especially if you're timed!
With this game your brain is forced to get deep into its word connections and come up with the words hidden therein.


The classic, popular word game is one you'll never get tired of playing. It's fun and gets you in a friendly competitive mode with your opponents. However, being packed with rules, it might be rather tedious for newbies to learn. Once learned, it becomes addictive.


This game is fun when played in groups as it increases competitiveness. You can be as creative as you want, making your own rules and conditions.
What kind of lists will you be making? Synonyms, antonyms or polysemic words? Or will it be thematic? You might make a game of finding words according to their categories: Indian traditional food, types of Mediterranean herbs and so on.


If you're bored with the same old games, why not make up your own? Knowing your weaknesses and strengths will make it easier for you to make customized games that will be the most effective for your needs.
For instance, have your own vocabulary builder pin board, onto which you will pin new words, or even old ones: words that you like but have a trouble recalling. The fun about these games is that since you're making the rules (if any!) you are more likely to be committed to it.
These and thousands of other games can be found online on various dictionary websites. However, if you're looking for high-quality, productive word games it's best to have a more reliable source.
For instance, many vocabulary programs offer you a variety of interactive games and puzzles, as well as the standard exercises and tests. Often the games in vocabulary builder programs are carefully chosen according to your vocabulary level and needs, so they'll let you have fun while also efficiently improving your vocabulary skills.