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How To Improve Vocabulary - 5 Possible Steps
Improving vocabulary does not have to be a boring task. There are everyday situations and fun activities than can help you take your vocabulary to the next level while enjoying your time. Here are five methods other than simply using dictionaries and vocabulary lists that can help you develop your word knowledge.

Play games

The more fun learning is, the more likely you are to commit to it. You'll undoubtedly be more eager to play a video game than to sit and memorize long lists of words. Classic games like Scrabble, Boggle, and Text Twist offer you a fun way to remember words and keep your memory refreshed, while learning new words (and, not incidentally, beating the pants off your opponents!). Adding the elements of fun and challenge make you more motivated to learn.

Go out and socialize

Going out and meeting new people can actually enhance your vocabulary knowledge through exposing you to words others use in their speech. Different people have different life experiences that affect their word knowledge. When you interact with people who have experiences and interests that are different from yours, you get to hear new words, and see how they use words you may know and not use to convey meanings.

Be observant

Listening to the way others use words can provide you with new terms that are helpful in improving vocabulary. More importantly, seeing how successful individuals use language to their advantage can give you an idea of how to employ words to achieve success. Being observant is not only beneficial in real life; you can also learn new words by paying attention to how people talk on television, what words they use, and what impressions these words give.

Start reading

Spending some quality time with a book at the end of a hard day's work does more than relax you. Reading has always been an excellent method of developing vocabulary. Although learning new words through reading takes more time than other more direct methods, the words you learn are more likely to be remembered and used within the correct context. Try using the words you learn through reading in active forms like writing and speaking to make sure they become part of your active vocabulary.

Use vocabulary programs

Vocabulary software combines the advantages of several of these methods. Many use the fun of vocabulary games, the time efficiency of vocabulary lists, and the context of reading, and also introduce you to the power words used by successful individuals, all using well-researched techniques that ensure the best results.