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Resources For Vocabulary Building
You may have heard a good bit about the benefits of power words, and the new possibilities waiting for you if only you knew how to use the right words. If you're hoping to build your vocabulary quickly, keep in mind that the places you can begin working towards vocabulary improvement are diverse. The methods and resources you choose depend on your reasons for seeking a better vocabulary, as well as the time you have available to be dedicated to this purpose. There are some vocabulary learning resources that you can't go wrong with, however, no matter what your reasons and time frame are.

The Dictionary

Many people actually read the dictionary cover to cover in an attempt to learn new words. Although simply reading new words without repetition or real life applications is a poor way of adding to your vocabulary, you can use the dictionary in more creative ways. To use the dictionary effectively as a vocabulary-building tool, pick one word a day, memorize it, read examples of its uses, then try to use it at least 3 times during the day.
Online dictionaries offer more resources than print ones, in general. Looking up synonyms of words you already know and use, and using them instead of your usual words can also help your vocabulary become more diverse. Some online dictionaries offer to e-mail you one word a day. This method is especially convenient for those who have little time to spare, and are trying to increase their word knowledge in the least possible time, as it minimizes even the time spent looking for a new word.


Reading has always been one of the most widely used tools of vocabulary improvement. It is fun, it engages you in a storyline that triggers your interest in learning the meaning of any word you don't understand, and it relies on your logic in interpreting the words using their context and the storyline. The biggest advantage of using reading as a vocabulary learning tool, however, is that it provides you with clear examples of how the newly learned word is used in writing, and the meanings and impressions it gives.

Vocabulary Software

One of the most modern vocabulary learning resources is vocabulary building programs. The extra benefit offered by these programs is that they provide you with power words that open up doors for you, using researched techniques that guarantee the most efficient use of your vocabulary learning time. Vocabulary programs are recommended if you are looking for fast results, and trying to learn words that will help develop your career.